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The science of the futurism predicts that in the near future and with the recent stunning developments in technology and information technology, humans'life with face a huge and incredible transformation and will change deastically.

In fact, the world of the future, which is the world of the artificial intelligence and super intellegence will mark the connection point of real and digital life by combining augmented reality(AR), extended reality(XR), and virtual reality(VR) with the human physical world.

Based on plans made by the mafia cartles, all the cultural, social economic, historical, values identity, religious and religious beliefs of mankind will be affected and will change in the direction of their desires.

Therefore, this think tank(the country's justice equity think tank) based on its ruling thinking, which is the Mehria thinking as opposed to the Mafia thinking, by using the knowledge, doctorines and capacities available in the think tank by using modern technologies, has been able to the create the ideal land super project put it in the implementation phase in order to familiarize different members of the society with this emerging phenomenon take advantage of this opportunities and apply the necessary confrontation with its possible threats.

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